A new way to grow your business:

You make money by selling your products to customers. We send you those customers, in the form of leads, at a price you decide and that enables you to make a profit on each of those prospects that buy. You never lose money – only gain profit.

What about the customers that don’t buy? You simply send the leads back – keeping only those that were interested in your product.

Are you a numbers person?

Alright, let’s take a US life insurance lead as an example:

Within the PLM marketplace, you decide to credit your account by $50 and bid $10 per lead generated. Each lead must be from New Jersey looking for a 25+ year term policy of $200k+.

Over a day the 5 leads are delivered at the price bid and you place them into your sales process. After working the leads a number of days you have 2 that are very interested, 1 that needs to ‘think about it’ and 2 that flake and mumble excuses.

So that’s 2 you return, meaning the 3 prospects left have cost $30. If just 1 of them buys the policy then your profit on the deal should be extremely healthy*.

(*We’re assuming you can place your own commission into the maths)

Are you visual? OK – Click Here for a visual process chart.