Want More Clients?

We find, verify, and deliver customers to you

We Find Your Ideal Client

High intent customers fill in web applications looking for information on your products and services - sample PLM lead (life)

All Leads Verified

All data collected is screened by 3rd party verifiers such as Jornaya and TrustedForm. It is then passed through our proprietary 30 point authentication process before entering our marketplace where they are bid on

Delivered with a Guarantee

Prospects are delivered, at a price you decide, within minutes of the initial request. If, even after all our verification, the lead seems uninterested you simply send the leads back - keeping only those that wanted to hear more.

Current Demand on Supply

  • Life Insurance

  • Medicare Supplement

  • Final Expense

  • Auto Insurance

  • Health Insurance


A Bit About Quality

Of course, none of this works unless the leads delivered convert into sales and appointments.

Which is why, as well as an open return policy, PLM has the market's strictest quality control on all of the leads being delivered to our clients:

Over 30 total checks against the leads including the following:
- Geo-location testing - did somebody in Mumbai fill out the form saying they are in Memphis?
- Reverse address to phone and phone to address comparison
- Area Code comparison mapping
- Zip Code comparison mapping
- Cell phone and business phone lookup
- Alternate name/number lookup based on both address and phone number
- Bad words filter
- Data compared to 5 different data sources!

Pay What You Wish!

As a PLM client, you get access to our online lead marketplace where you set the criteria of the lead you require and set the bid you're willing to pay for a lead.

If you're happy to wait a while for your leads, then bid low and wait for higher bidders to reach their required volume first before yours are delivered.

If you want 100 health insurance leads from San Francisco, aged 35-45, and you want them by breakfast - bid high.

Your PLM rep will be there every day to adjust bids for you and to change any criteria to be targeted until you find your sweet spot.

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Pay whatever you wish for the highest quality leads in the financial and insurance industry and return whichever didn't work out for you - fair enough?

Simple Returns Policy

Not meet your criteria? Incorrect contact details? Simply return via your dashboard within 7 days of delivery.

Dashboard Login

Access all your leads, pause/resume delivery, change lead delivery methods and contact your account reps via your online dashboard

Pick Your Service Area

Pick specific States or Nationwide for the areas you service. Even specify zip codes if you wish.