Partner Program

CPA Affiliates:

PLM is a leading online lead generation company working in multiple verticals for 100’s of clients. We seek to work with top traffic affiliates to provide high quality, motivated consumers to our lead service forms. We encourage full disclosure as we share the same goals of providing quality leads to our partners and to provide you with the highest payouts in our affiliate program. If you can provide the quality traffic our clients expect then please sign up on our network here.

Posting/Form Partners:

For partners that wish to embed our lead forms or collect their own leads and wish to sell to our clients, on a ping post or direct sale basis, we offer a trial period that allows us to judge quality. If your leads are of the quality expected by PLM clients we can introduce your leads into our system under the terms of an agreed IO. If you’re interested in partnering with PLM then please fill in the form below: