How to buy unlimited highly-targeted website traffic

If you have been in business for any amount of time you know that all customers are not created equal. In fact, the 80/20 rule states that 80% of your income is produced by only 20% of your customers—your dream customers. Now ask yourself, on a scale of 1-10, how good are you right now at focusing your advertising on only those best-of-the-best customers who generate the most revenue for you?

This brings us to the next question: How do you focus your Internet advertising so it is only viewed by your perfect prospects and not everyone else? How do you stop wasting the majority of your advertising spend on advertising that is being displayed to the wrong people?

The power of profiling your dream customers

Every single person on the Internet has an in-depth detailed profile that is built from both online and offline activity. People are profiled geographically, demographically and psycho-graphically. With PLM you can create a profile (or multiple profiles) of your dream customers and have your advertising message (banner ads) displayed only to them. PLM’s advertising technology also has the ability to understand and profile your perfect customer’s attributes and then target exact “look-a-likes” so your banner advertising is only seen by your perfect target market prospects.

By only displaying your banner ads to your perfect target market prospects, you can reduce your media costs while significantly increasing your sales conversion rates because you are no longer wasting your advertising dollars advertising to the wrong people. Most Internet advertising is “shot gun” advertising where you hope at least some of the people who see your banner ads will be your target market. With PLM’s cutting edge advertising technology, you are now performing precision sniper advertising where your ads are ONLY displayed to your perfect target prospects.

Design Your Client Design Your Client

Definition: CPM stands for cost-per-thousand impressions of an advert. This varies depending on placement and additional data fees apply with some targeting methods.

PLM offers you 5 different systems so you can target very specific audiences:

98% of the Web!

Website Targeting:

  • Target specific websites that already receive visits from your primary prospects
  • We run ads on 16 different ad exchanges and 6 private/open marketplaces and have a 98% reach of the websites on the internet
  • Use tools like whatrunswhere and reverse engineer where your competitors are running successful ads
  • Place ads on websites based on keywords

Geo targeting:

  • Zip Codes (USA only. Great for small businesses that only sell locally)
  • City
  • State/Region
  • Country – you can choose from 248 Countries
  • 40 different Languages
  • Can be combined with contextual and audience targeting
  • The cost for Geo targeting is CPM bid only (no data fee)

Contextual Targeting:

  • Places your banner ads in front of prospects while they are viewing relevant content to what you sell—your topic
  • We have access to 367 primary categories and the ability to drill down sub-categories. This gives you the most in-depth niche marketing available on the Internet. Our competitors only offer 15-20 categories.
  • Contextual traffic is available in 248 Countries
  • You can create custom categories based on keywords you enter into the system. In order for PLM to create a custom category, you must be doing a decent volume and allow us 6-8 weeks as this requires an algorithm to be written.
  • The cost for contextual targeting advertising is the price you pay for CPM plus 50 cents. So, if you bid 20 cents per CPM, your cost will be 70 cents per CPM.

Audience Targeting:

  • Enrich targeting with 3rd party data. Information on over 750 Million people from 21 data providers and this database is growing every day.
  • Instant access to 22,000 detailed audience segments and growing every day. Data is based on Search, Social, Interest, Behavioral, Demographical, Transactional, and In-the-market-intent.
  • Combine multiple pieces of data. As an example of just how incredibly detailed you can get with your Audience Targeting advertising, you could realistically setup a campaign to only advertise to married women, who have a Master’s Degree, who drink both wine and herbal tea, who drive an Audi Q5, and who live in the zip code of 90210.
  • CPM Bid plus rate card. The rate card fee is 40 cents to several dollars per CPM added on to your bid rate CPM. So, if your bid rate CPM is 25 cents and you choose a data category that has a rate card of $2.00 per CPM, your cost would be $2.25 per CPM. If you use multiple pieces of data to target you will not be charged for each individual piece. You will be charged for the most expensive piece (per vendor) and the rest are free.

Custom Audience Builder (CAB)

  • Nearly every person who surfs the Internet has an in-depth detailed profile. This profile is built by compiling data that is delivered from both online and offline activity including, Search, Social, Interest, Behavioral, Demographical, Transactional, and In-market data. Using this data, the CAB learns how to define and then find your ideal prospects. For example, if 1,000 people go to your website and 10 of those people buy your product, those 10 buyers would be profiled by the CAB as your Perfect Prospects. Then using the profile criteria of your “perfect prospects”, the CAB will only show your banner ads to other people who have profiles that are “look a likes” to your perfect prospect profile.
  • You can determine the type of website action you consider to be a successful transaction and have the CAB build your perfect prospect profile based on the people who take the action you want them to take (a “success”). This may include:
  1. Completing a financial transaction such as buying a product or service
  2. Completing a lead generation form
  3. Subscribing to your newsletter
  4. Downloading a free document such as a white paper, free report, ebook, etc.
  5. Signing up for a webinar
  6. Singing up for a product or service demo
  • You can determine your target audience based on who has already bought/sign up and then scale it.
  • The CAB can optimize and for both CPA (cost per action) or CPC (cost per click) goal. CPA is when a person takes a specific action at your website such as makes a purchase, completes your lead gen form, subscribes to your email list, etc.
  • The CAB works in real-time and determines the value of each impression and then bids the right price within an inventory of over 49 Billion impressions daily (the largest impression count around- which gives you more opportunities to reach your perfect prospect).
  • With the CAB there are no missed opportunities. The CAB bids the right price so you don’t miss an opportunity to get your message in front of your perfectly targeted audience (the perfect audience is based on what you deem success is).
  • The CAB’s campaign-specific bidding algorithms evolve based on the performance of your campaigns. The CAB understands what is working and what is not (time of day, spend, banners) to generate the most cost-effective media placements to increase your website’s conversions and ROI.
  • The longer your campaign runs the more accurate it becomes. This leads to more and higher quality traffic, more leads, more sales, and more profits because every time a transaction takes place at your website, the profile of that person is fed to the brain to fine-tune the perfect customer profile. This allows the CAB to learn over time to generate the most cost-effective media placements based on how well any particular person matches your ideal prospect profile. This also allows you to significantly reduce media costs by eliminating unnecessary impression spend.
Important note: While the CAB is an incredibly powerful tool, and it will give you a strong advantage over your competition, the CAB requires smart marketing to work properly. This is not a set it and forget it system. The CAB cannot accurately auto-optimize if bad marketing decisions are being made with how you setup your target market criteria, the message being stated on your banner ads, and how you present your sales message and products and services at your website. Sending the right people to your website is only valuable if you have a website/landing page that is able to present the value of your offering and get people to take action. Garbage in equals garbage out.

How PLM provides you with the most powerful Internet advertising platform in the world

  • At PLM you will have no missed opportunities: PLM has the largest advertising reach in the world. In terms of advertising volume, our system has access to over 49 BILLION banner ad impressions every day. Our closest competitor only has access to 4 Billion banner ad impressions. Our access to 45 Billion MORE banner ad impressions is going to give you the most opportunities to reach your perfect prospects.
  • We can enhance your targeting and build custom audiences by using very detailed 3rd party data. We have access to virtually every person who uses the Internet. In the USA alone, PLM has a database of over 300 million people and 750 Million worldwide. Using this gigantic database, we add your target market criteria (Search, Social, Interest, Behavioral, Demographical, Transactional, and In-the-market-intent) and fine tune the database down to your perfect target market so you only advertise to your precise target market and you are not wasting money advertising to the wrong people.
  • PLM will segment your customers so your marketing message is a perfect match to each of your target markets. This will generate more new customers for you and provide a far better return on your marketing investment.

Don’t waste your advertising dollars advertising to the wrong people. You now have access to the most advanced and precise advertising platform ever developed. By using PLM, you will get your advertising message in front of the most precise target market (or markets) for your product or service. You can see a significant increase in conversions and you can save money on advertising because you are now only advertising to your precise target market and not wasting your advertising dollars placing your advertising message in front of the wrong people.

PLM delivers the right message, to the right person, at the right time, in the right place, at the right price to increase conversions, leads, sales & profits.