With PLM’s retargeting software, you can now advertise to 100% of the people who visit your website AFTER they have left your website, and you can keep advertising to them for as long as you want and as many times as you want. This will create a permanent and very reliable stream of traffic to your website every day.

Through the use of our retargeting technology, every single person who visits your website is automatically added to your retargeting database, known as your “audience”. This allows you to quickly and easily build an incredibly large audience of targeted prospects that you can advertise to over and over with highly targeted and very inexpensive banner advertising.

Our retargeting software automatically places a simple retargeting cookie (pixel) in your website visitor’s browser. It’s not malware or spyware—just a simple code that allows you to place a banner ad, not a pop-up, but an actual banner ad on websites where the website owner allows and profits from the ads. It is 100% legal and thousands of large companies are already successfully using retargeting.

An Example

Retargeting is the future of advertising and the sooner you start using this technology to build your private audience, the greater advantage you will have over your competition.

PLM’s Retargeting Software will help you grow your business and increase your profits in dozens of ways including:

Look out for Layla
Look out for Layla

PLM automatically builds for you a permanent and very reliable stream of traffic that you control in the form of an audience database.

PLM drives your lost visitors back to your website to increase conversions by giving your past visitors additional opportunities to convert.

PLM has a 98% chance of being able to place your banner ads on the sites your past website visitors visit because we are connected to 98% of all Internet advertising inventory.

PLM builds trust & familiarity for your company and brand through the power of advertising repetition. Repetition is the number one way to build brand recognition and to convert “tire kickers” into buyers. The reason for this is because most people have to see an advertising message at least 8-10 times before they consider making a buying decision. This is why you see large companies advertising over and over… forever. They know that people have to see their advertising over and over in order to convert them into customers.

Affordable branding. For the first time ever, small companies can afford branding. Retargeting keeps your message in front of your target market so you stay fresh in their minds. That way, when they are finally ready to buy, they choose YOU instead of your competition. A huge rule in advertising is, “Out of sight is out of mind.” If your target market does not see your advertising message over and over, day after day, month after month, year after year, they will quickly forget out about you. That is why successful companies never stop advertising to their target market. They know that as soon as they stop advertising, their target market will forget about them and switch to a competitor.

PLM allows you to run different types of banner ads to match your retargeting audience’s interests and segments. For example, you can create a banner ad that offers 20% off to the people in your retargeting database who abandoned your shopping cart, and you can show the exact product they were looking at on your site in your banner ads.

PLM increases your return on investment for ALL of your advertising. You will leverage and profit from the traffic that you have already paid for from other sources. Instead of losing all the prospects who go to your website without taking action, you are now building an audience database that you can advertise to over and over forever.

Because your banner ads will be seen on 98% of the websites your retargeting audience visits, your company will appear omnipresent making your company look bigger and more trustworthy.

PLM allows you to drive your audience traffic to any website you choose, such as from site A to A, site A to B, Site A to C, etc. You own your audience database and you are free to send your traffic to any website you choose including affiliate websites.

PLM will keep your sales message in front of your audience as often & as many times as you wish. If you want the individual members of your audience to see your banner ad 4 times per day, no problem. If you want them to see your banner ad 20 times per day, no problem. You decide the frequency that your audience sees your ads.

With PLM’s retargeting software you will never run out of people to market to.

With PLM you never again worry about losing your rankings and traffic due to Google updates.

You can stop being dependent on Google for your traffic. You now control your traffic stream through your retargeting audience database.

PLM can help you increase your traffic, conversions and profits. People who return to your website after seeing your retargeting banner ads are up to 5 times more likely to buy from you.

PLM’s retargeting service costs a small fraction of what other retargeting companies charge. For example, a recent client of ours was using one of our main competitors for retargeting. This client’s average cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) with our competitor was $1.12. Using PLM’s retargeting system, our client’s CPM dropped all the way down to only $0.33. We were able to save our client 241% on retargeting services! PLM can save you a fortune.