Lead Return Policy

Thankfully this is a very short read as the policy is a very simple one. Below are the options available when you process a return in your lead dashboard (assigned on lead purchase). Any lead that comes under these criteria is a simple return for credit at the press of a button within 7 days of delivery. You can also get a full cash refund for any credit you have, for any reason, on request. Questions? Please reach out to your PLM rep or contact us here.

Clearly bogus contact information
Disconnected Phone
Lead claims they did not request to be contacted
Person not at number
Did not meet criteria – description required

Simple Returns Policy

Not meet your criteria? Incorrect contact details? Simply return via your dashboard.

Pick Your Service Area

Pick specific States or Nationwide for the areas you service. Full accounts can specify down to zipcode.

Dashboard Login

Access all your leads, pause/resume delivery, change lead delivery methods and contact your account reps via your online dashboard